“Eating is not a thing. It is a living, breathing process.”

We are going to start with the most cliché assertion ever: it’s all about LOVE for us at Ojas Balls.

Seriously, we think it’s an irrefutable fact that the most important thing in every beginning, middle, and end is LOVE. It’s why we do what we do. 

Here is how that works for us:

The culmination of our culinary adventures occurs the moment those rich flavors hit your palate. Seeing your joy brings us joy!! It’s kind of like a contagious laughter fit, but without that post session abdominal pain. Your cheeks might hurt, though. That’s our intention at least, for your cheeks to hurt from joy. 

We have testimonies that it can happen when you try an Ojas Ball…. looking at you Debbie ;)

Even if an Ojas Ball brightens up your day just a teensy smidge, that extra pep in your step will be noticed, and it will ripple out to others.

No joke, we sing to our Ojas Balls. Call us weird, but nothing puts joy into cooking quite like vibrating the vocal cords. 

So all of this probably sounds extremely healthy and a lot of people we meet do not expect our Ojas Balls to taste so amazing. It is not a rare occurrence to hear, “I did not expect that!” *with a giggle* 

The balls themselves are made from pure ojas-building foods like dates, nuts and seeds, healthy fats, and ayurvedic herbs, intended to support your digestion, sensations, and remind you to experience the sweetness of life.

That’s really what it’s all about, isn't it, complete immersion right now. Not the clickbait cacophony or a brand new car.

Context matters: 

Indulgence is not the devil and a mentality of deprivation can sometimes cause more harm than good. With a little attention, we can begin to take the guilt of consuming sugar off of our cultural table.

In Ojas Balls, we augment the natural sweetness of medjool dates and other fruits with unrefined sugars such as local raw honey and freshly tapped maple syrup. By pairing this with the kings and queens of healthy fats, we’re able to help support sustained energy through steady metabolization. 

So, where did we come up with the idea for Ojas Balls

Well we did and we didn’t. While our recipes are unique, the principles that go into them are ancient. We draw from the wisdom of Ayurveda, the 4,000 year old science of longevity. 

Ojas (“Oh-juss”) means immunity or vitality. It’s that exquisite foundation of support which helps us bounce back and stay vibrant when life gets weird.

Building Ojas transpires through healthy digestion.

In other words, if the experience of consuming a food is nutritious, joyful, fulfilling and digestible, then that builds ojas

Notice how we emphasize the experience and not just the contents of the food

Eating is not a thing. It is a living, breathing process. You have a relationship to food and the context matters. 

How do you feel when you approach our vibrant stand, and when the food touches your mouth? Are you in good company? Are you distracted? Are you chewing fast or slow?

How is the taste and the texture, and how do you feel after 20 minutes, an hour, a day. What effect did it have? Do you feel love all the way through? 

That’s our intention. If there is anything that we take seriously, it’s love at every step of the way.

PS Here’s to you and to us: the sheer fact that you exist means that the universe said yes to you, that you are worthy, regardless of who you are or what you do. For the benefit of all beings……

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